Our community is fortunate to have our historic Sandy Mush Schoolhouse and grounds available for our Sandy Mush Community Center. The Sandy Mush Community Center provides programs, events, and available space for rentals to our community.


The Sandy Mush Community Center is a charitable 501(c)(3) organized for the benefit of the Sandy Mush community with a focus on, but not limited to, these purposes:

  • Strengthen the sense of community and awareness of community history and its agricultural heritage
  • Increase educational and health and wellness opportunities
  • Increase preservation efforts, including the historic Sandy Mush School and grounds
  • Strengthen and support community organizations


The Sandy Mush Community Center Board of Directors:

  • Keith Wells – President
  • Christopher Jayne – Vice President
  • Bruce Larson – Secretary
  • Erin Duckett – Treasurer
  • Peggy Baldwin
  • Martha Gates Ball
  • Vanessa Campbell
  • Mark Diaz
  • Kurt Eckle
  • Dave Everett

Monthly community meetings are held on the first Friday at 7 pm.

All community members are welcome.