Win a Handcrafted Green River Dulcimer in our SMCC Raffle!

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Bill Walker Green River Teardrop Dulcimer

The Green River Dulcimer concern was founded by Bill Walker, who started making dulcimers – both mountain and hammered – in the early 70s in Elkhorn, Kentucky. He moved across the Appalachians in the late 70s to Asheville, North Carolina where he also opened the Early Music Shop in Biltmore Village.  In 1992 at the age of 49, he was sadly killed in his house by an intruder and his children decided not to continue the business.  These handmade instruments are distinguished by clean, elegant design, large and deep bodies, and often striking exotic wood tops. The sound is big and clear, usually favoring the middle and bass frequencies and giving them a warmer sound than the typical dulcimers.  The overall quality rivals that of the industry standard McSpaddens.  These dulcimers achieve their attractive sound through a large body and a long scale length. From

Thanks to Peggy Baldwin and John Loyd for this generous donation of their Four-String Teardrop Green River Dulcimer to our SMCC Raffle.  

Who will be our lucky winner?  Get your tickets for your chance to win!

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