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Fiber Optic Internet Coming to Sandy Mush!

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FBEMC received an NC GREAT grant which will help fund their fiber Broadband project to Sandy Mush. According to Commissioner Terri Wells, there is still a lot of paperwork and processes FBEMC has to complete, but the basic estimated timeline follows:
1.) Start project by June 2021

2.) 1st install of service by the end of 2021

3.) Serve all the Sandy Mush service areas within 2 years of construction start.

FBEMC will send you a letter in the mail 1-2 months before the service will be available at your address.  At that time, you will be able to contact them to sign up.  They request that the community does not call with individual questions now while they are working on getting the program started. You can learn more about fiber service and connected phone service: https://www.frenchbroadfiber.com

Have you started to use the New Fiber Optic Internet

Leave a comment and let us know how you are liking the new Fiber Optic internet.