The Board and volunteers at SMCC are committed to problem-solving strategies that emphasize openness, transparency and accountability. As Board members and volunteers, we are committed to swift, direct and honest approaches to resolving conflict, with one overriding objective: work it out and move on.

As a Board member or volunteer:

  1. I will see that SMCC is operated in a manner that upholds the Center’s
    integrity and merits the trust and support of the community.
  2. I will comply with all applicable laws and regulations that pertain to SMCC’s
    ability to accomplish its mission.
  3. I will treat others with respect, doing for and to others as I would have done for
    and to me in similar circumstances.
  4. I will be a responsible and transparent steward of SMCC’s resources.
  5. I will take no actions that could benefit me financially at the expense of SMCC,
    avoiding even the appearance of conflict of interest.
  6. I will carefully consider the public perception of my personal actions, and the
    effect my actions could have, positively or negatively, on SMCC’s reputation in
    my community and elsewhere.
  7. I will commit to resolve conflicts that may arise in my work as a Board member
    or volunteer, remaining flexible to a variety of viewpoints and solutions.
  8. When conflict arises, I will commit to a problem-solving approach as outlined
    in our Conflict Resolution process. I will use respectful language while
    participating in developing solutions and a way forward.
  9. When conflict arises, I will communicate directly with those involved, rather
    than using email groups and social media.