Time and date ranges

The date and time may be formatted in the following ways:

Date or timeWhen and how to useExample
TimeUse uppercase AM or PM. Without periods or lowercase.4:00 PM
Time Range AM/PMUse a single AM or PM at the end of the time range.7:00-10:30 AM
Time and date range To show a time or date range, use an en dash (without spaces) between the time or date range. 8:00 AM–12:30 PM
6 Jan–2 Feb
Month, day, and yearShow the date with year 1 November 2021
Month, day, and year – current yearShow the date with year – current year. November 1
WeekdayWhen referring to a day of week, use the abbreviated day separated by a comma.Thu, Oct 20, 10:00 AM
MonthMonths can be numeric or abbreviated.10/20/22
Oct 20
Day and timeCombined time and abbreviated days.Thu, 12:00 PM

More Information – How to Write Dates Correctly in English

Color Palette

The SMCC color is ADA complaint.

Download Color Palette – https://color.adobe.com/SMCC-Website–color-theme-19750695/

Colorblind Filter

Protanopia Filter
red/green blindness
green/red blindness
blue/yellow color blindness
SMCC-Greyscale / achromatopsia
total absence of color