Sandy Mush Community Center

Welcome to our Sandy Mush Community Center! Nestled in the mountains of far reaching Western Buncombe County, our center is located in the historic Sandy Mush Schoolhouse. With the dedication of many energetic volunteers and the help of Buncombe County, this historic building has been transformed into an active community center. 

We offer many programs for all ages, as well as rental of our spacious gym, and cozy downstairs meeting area complete with modern kitchen. 

Outside a large playground for all ages is located and enjoyed year round. Additionally, 24 hour access to free high speed internet in the parking lot. 

Upstairs has three renovated classrooms housing a lovely library, a quiet yoga room, and a delightful children’s playroom which offers a weekly playgroup for parents and children. 

Our center is funded by grants and generous donations.

Interesting Facts 

Sandy Mush School operated from 1927 – 1951 at which time often students were transferred to Leicester High School. The younger children remained while it was consolidated within Leicester. 

1980 – The building was leased by the community to serve as a community center. 

How Sandy Mush Got it's name
Sandy Mush Community Center

SMCC Mission

The Sandy Mush Community Center is a charitable 501(c)(3) organized for the benefit of the Sandy Mush community with a focus on, but not limited to, these purposes:

  • Strengthen the sense of community and awareness of community history and its agricultural heritage.
  • Increase educational and health and wellness opportunities.
  • Increase preservation efforts, including the historic Sandy Mush School and grounds.
  • Strengthen and support community organizations.

Board of Directors Meeting Agendas and Written Reports


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Past Sandy Mush Community Center Non-Profit Minutes.

As part of the SMCC History Project we are working on making all the Minutes searchable.

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