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2024 SMCC Spring Fling Photos

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This year’s SMCC Spring Fling was a resounding success, with over 350 people attending the event. We were thrilled to give away over 1,000 plants during our Plant Exchange. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our amazing sponsors who generously donated an array of beautiful plants. We are also grateful to the many individuals who kindly provided cuttings from their own plants.

Our gratitude extends to the vendors, volunteers, and all the attendees who showed up. A special mention goes to our board members who actively participated as volunteers for the event. We are delighted to share the photos from the event and encourage you to share your photos and videos as well.

As a special memento of this successful event, we have released a 2024 Spring Fling mug. The mug is available for purchase from our online store.

Once again, thank you all for making the SMCC Spring Fling a huge success!

Spring Fling 2024 Mug
Spring Fling 2024 Mug

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