Celebrating Ida Mae Reemes and her 91 Years of Family and Faith in Sandy Mush

Family and friends celebrated the 91st birthday of Ida Mae Reemes who has lived in Sandy Mush her entire life.  Born Ida Mae Surrett; she married Jack Dempsy Reemes.  They had nine boys.  With ten grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild, Ida Mae loves being surrounded by her family.  Her sons shared that her family and her faith, she attends Chestnut Grove Church, are what matter most to her.

Ida Mae is known for her vegetable gardening and canning.  She continues to garden, even in the heat of summer actively tending two gardens.  She will often stay up to 2am canning vegetables from her garden to share with family and friends.  She is known to be generous with all who come to her home, always offering something to eat and often sending folks home with her garden canned vegetables.

Her son Grady shared that, when available, she loves to eat ramps three times a day; this may be one of the secrets of her healthful longevity, that and her generosity.  Happy Birthday Ida Mae Reemes.  Sandy Mush is lucky to have you!

Ida Mae Reemes with birthday cake

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