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Did you ever attend Sandy Mush School?

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Or know someone who did?  Please get in touch with Margaret Ellen Duckett or Keith Wells or email us at [email protected].  We are planning a Sandy Mush School Reunion for Saturday, October 14th, and everyone is invited!


1964/65 Sandy Mush School - girls and teacher in front of school bus
Ms. Lilian Worley’s 2nd Grade Class 1964/65


Pictured girls in Ms. Lillian Worley’s 1964/65 2nd grade class.  Judy Hudgins, Wanda Surrett, Pansy Freeman, Linda Justice, Eva Duckett. (Thanks to Eva Duckett for helping with photo ID.)  A very special thanks to the Reeves family for sharing photos from Pauline Reeves’ Sandy Mush School Album.  What a treasure!!

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