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On this day in Sandy Mush History

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Asheville History @avlhistory sent this message out about Alonzo Carlton Reynolds, Sandy Mush native, this morning.

October 19, 1870- Alonzo Carlton Reynolds, educator & @WCUpresident, was born in Sandy Mush. More @ncpediancpedia.org/biography/reyn…


While they shared a very useful Bio of Reynolds, they did leave out a few details that directly pertain to our Sandy Mush School.  Here are a few things to note.

Alonzo Carlton Reynolds, a key proponent of public schools, was born in the Sandy Mush section of Buncombe County on October 19, 1870. He was one of the seven children of John Haskew and Sarah Ann Ferguson Reynolds. His education began at Miss Prestwood’s subscription school (located at that time where the Sandy Mush fire department is now located).  

With Reynolds’ instrumental support, a bond measure was successfully passed in 1925 that provided $50,000 to build a new Sandy Mush consolidated school; it is the current brick building used as the Sandy Mush Community Center.  Students attended school here from 1927-1966. 

Last weekend, our community enjoyed a Sandy Mush school reunion homecoming.  A.C, would have been pleased by this; he loved to return home to Sandy Mush to visit family and friends.  While there are no direct descendants of A.C. Reynolds living in Sandy Mush currently, there are several direct descendants of his siblings.

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