Sandy Mush 4-H Club to be Recognized at County Commissioner Meeting Tuesday, February 20

Congratulations to our Sandy Mush 4-H Club for 40 years of active service to our community; they are the oldest 4-H Club in Buncombe County!

Sandy Mush 4-H Club was started in February 1978 by Sandra Reeves, the wife of former Buncombe Co. Extension Director Kenneth Reeves, who served as club leader for many years.  Jackie Gillespie became club leader in 2011. Sandy Mush 4-H Club currently has 46 members enrolled.  There was a club in Sandy Mush back in the 1950’s and 60’s through the school system, but that club eventually became inactive.  Since the current club was started through NC Extension, they have been continuously active for 40 years. One bit of trivia, current Buncombe Co. Extension Director Steve Duckett was the first Sandy Mush 4-H Club President.  

We are proud that our Sandy Mush 4-H Club is receiving this recognition from Buncombe County Commissioners.

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