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Minutes – Jan 8, 2016

January 8, 2016 BSMCC Board Meeting 

The meeting is called to order by Keith Wells. 

Copies of minutes from December 4, 2015, were passed to those present. The minutes were approved. 

Cathy Phillips submitted the financial report. The deposit from Amerigas was received. The treasurer’s report was approved. 

Dave Everett reported on the building maintenance. Dave recommends a building walk through documented with photos or videos to share with the county. Dave also recommends a walk through with the Fire Marshall. Keith Wells reports that the hydrants are updated.  

Dave spoke with Jason Conklin and he agrees to come and walk through to be sure all plumbing is working well. Jason will volunteer his time as a plumber to make repairs and will also help advise other volunteers on fixing simple plumbing issues. 

Dave raises the question of grass maintenance. Keith Wells reports that Steve Robinson has volunteered for three years to mow the community center lawn when he mows the Fire Sub Station. Keith suggests we need volunteers in the future to mow grass. 

Dave will purchase First Aid Kits before the potluck. Keith has thermometers for restrooms and all other rooms. The Board approves the purchase of two First Aid Kits. 

Terri Wells spoke with Charles Brown and he would like to resign as President due to a lack of time. 

Terri Wells nominates Keith Wells to move from Vice President to President; Keith is elected unanimously.  

Terri Wells nominates Dave Evert to move to Vice President. Dave is elected unanimously. Keith points out that we will need to replace Dave on the Board. 

Community Announcements

Terri Wells announces that the t-shirts have arrived. We have 50 t-shirts bought with funds loaned by Kim and Dave Everett. These funds will be paid back from the proceeds and once all 50 shirts are sold, BSMCC will realize $500 in profit. Hats were suggested as a follow up project. 

Old Business: 

Terri Wells motions that we accept the county license agreement and the Board approves unanimously. 

Peggy Baldwin makes a motion that we accept the basic rental agreement for local families at the rate of $100 with $25 as a refundable deposit if the center is left clean 

and $75 as the final rental fee. The motion was approved. Cathy Phillips shared a document demonstrating that in the past BSMCC rental fees have been for varied rates, some higher than the current rate, depending on the season and the area of the building rented. George Phillips suggested we review rental rates in the near future. 

There will be a building clean up on January 9th. Peggy Baldwin hands out a sheet of tasks for the workday. Dave Evert suggests that we look at the large games and pinball machines to determine if they are in working order.  

Terri Wells passes out a flyer to help publicize the community potluck and input session on January 23rd. Terri has about 100 people on the email list for the community center.  

Terri suggests that we provide beverages and the Board agrees. Terri will organize volunteers for the potluck.  

Dave Evert reports that there is a monthly fee service that will broadcast a phone message about BSMCC events. Terri and Dave will look into the details of this service.  

Terri Wells will call the insurance company to determine if the playground equipment is covered under the BSMCC policy. 

Dave Evert would like to organize a roadside pick up in March. He points out that there is a steady increase in litter on the roads. The Farm Heritage Trail will be bringing people out to Sandy Mush beginning in a few months. Dave would like the community center to agree to pick up the litter on the roads, at least Early’s Mountain into the end of the valley. Everyone agrees we should have at least a quarterly trash pick-up.  

New Business: 

Red Oak Recovery would like to rent the second floor space at BSMCC for sixteen days a month, Monday through Thursday eve. An agreement has been reviewed via email (see attached). 

Keith Wells and Terri Wells offer to spot-check to be sure the group comply with all requirements and to answer any questions. 

Terri Wells makes a motion that we enter into a negotiation with Red Oak Recovery for the rental under the attached agreement and negotiate a fee no more than $1,200 a month and no less than $850 a month. The motion is approved. 

Keith Wells adjourns the meeting.


The January 8, 2016 BSMCC Board Meeting covered the approval of minutes and financial report, building maintenance updates, nominations for new board positions, community announcements, acceptance of license and rental agreements, plans for a building clean-up and roadside pick-up, and negotiation for rental with Red Oak Recovery.

Action Plan:

  • Perform a building walk-through documented with photos or videos
  • Conduct a walk-through with the Fire Marshal
  • Ensure all plumbing is in working order with the help of a volunteer plumber
  • Address grass maintenance and seek volunteers for future mowing
  • Purchase two First Aid Kits
  • Replace the resigning President with the Vice President
  • Replace the Vice President position on the Board
  • Organize a building clean-up day
  • Assess the functionality of large games and pinball machines
  • Publicize the community potluck and input session
  • Determine the details of a monthly fee service for broadcasting phone messages
  • Verify playground equipment coverage under the insurance policy
  • Organize a roadside pick-up and establish a quarterly trash pick-up schedule

List of Agreements:

  • Approve the minutes from December 4, 2015
  • Approve the treasurer’s report
  • Approve the purchase of two First Aid Kits
  • Accept the county license agreement
  • Accept the basic rental agreement for local families
  • Enter into negotiation with Red Oak Recovery for rental, with a monthly fee between $850 and $1,200

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