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Minutes – April 1, 2016 

Sandy Mush Community Center Meeting 

Keith Wells called the meeting to order. 

Minutes from March 4, 2016 submitted by Cathy Phillips are approved. Treasurer Report submitted by Cathy Phillips is approved. 


Discussion:  Vanessa Campbell and Terri Wells report on the Beautification Project  improving the area around the flagpole. All is ready for planting in early May.

Discussion: Farm History Project signage at the community center should be  installed by mid-April with history and photos. 

Discussion:  Dave Everett reports that Farm Heritage signs have gone up along the  trail.  Terri Wells reminds everyone that the Farm Heritage Trail opens on May 7th at  11 a.m. with music and speeches at the Everett’s Farm.  Sandy Mush Methodist will  offer a lunch for sale 11:30 to 1 for $8. At 1:00, Dave Everett will lead a hike at his  farm. 

Discussion:  Dave Everett encourages that we continue to aim for full use of the  building and work with the county to see that all the old schools are used.  Peggy Baldwin notes that we need people to lead on larger events.  Lisa Wells encourages  the use of social media and adding a website to recruit involvement.   Action:  Dave Everett suggests that we schedule another trash pick-up Saturday,  April 30th.  Date is approved by the Board. 

Old Business: 

Board Nomination: 

Terri Wells nominates Lisa Wells for the vacant position on the Board.   


The nomination is unanimously approved. 

Sandy Mush Calendar Discussion: 

Terri Wells proposes a calendar for the year.   Other events may be added as well.   

  • March Community Project – Trash Pick-up 
  • April 23rd – Community Open House / Earth Day 
  • April 30th – Trash Pick-up 
  • July 2nd or 4th – July 4th celebration.  The date will be set after checking with area  events to determine if there are conflicts.  Christine Jones and Ruth Gavin will work  on kids activities.  The day will include a cookout, maybe fireworks, games. September 17th Community Open House focused on community history October 29 or 31 – Halloween Trunk or Treat.  Marlow and Martha in the  community will organize the event. 
  • November  26 – Thanksgiving Contra/Square Benefit Dance

We will encourage individuals and groups to use the building.  Peggy Baldwin  suggested that there might be an announcement at the Earth Day event encouraging  anyone interested in offering a class to check in with the Board, space is available. 

Yard Maintenance Discussion: 

Steve Roberson will continue to mow the  community center yard and we agree we will pay for gas and expenses.   Action:  Vanessa Campbell makes a motion that we pay Steve $75 per month for  mowing and the motion is seconded and passed. 

Unemployment and Workman’s Compensation Discussion: 

Cathy Phillips  reports on unemployment and workman’s comp.  Sandy Mush Community Center is  not liable for either. 

Earth Day Event Discussion: 

Terri Wells reports on the schedule for the April 23rd.  event (see attached). 

New Business: 

Library Programming Discussion

John Loyd reported on the Library Committee which consists of Will Stanhope, Debbie Worley, LuEllen Epstein, John Loyd.  John  read the report from the committee. (see attached)  John also reports that Lu spoke  with the postman and he said we can deliver a newsletter to our zip code area for  about $100. 


Library workday is April 9th.   At the April 23rd event the Library Committee  will ask people to bring family photos and the committee will be prepared to scan  the photos and make copies for the library.  Also at the event, the committee will  begin the School Days Project of interviewing former students of the school using  both audio and video.  Terri Wells will help arrange for some of the oldest members  of the community to be there that day for interviews and recorded conversations. 

By-law Discussion: 

Board agrees we need to move forward with updating the By laws.  


There will be a special Board session on Wednesday, April 13, to complete  the By-law changes for presentation at the May meeting. 

The meeting is adjourned by Keith Wells.

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Meeting Summary

The meeting on April 1, 2016, was called to order by Keith Wells. The minutes from the previous meeting and the Treasurer Report were approved. Discussions were held on various topics including building beautification, Farm History Project signage, Farm Heritage Trail, utilization of the building, and events planning. Terri Wells nominated Lisa Wells for a vacant position on the board, which was unanimously approved. A Sandy Mush calendar for the year was proposed, and yard maintenance and insurance matters were discussed. The Earth Day event schedule, library programming, and by-law updates were also addressed.

Action Items

  • Complete planting for the beautification project by early May.
  • Install Farm History Project signage by mid-April.
  • Prepare for the opening of the Farm Heritage Trail on May 7th.
  • Schedule another trash pick-up on April 30th.
  • Pay Steve $75 per month for mowing the community center yard.
  • Organize and plan future events such as the July 4th celebration, Community Open House, and Halloween Trunk or Treat.
  • Encourage individuals and groups to use the building for classes and activities.
  • Continue discussions and work on updating the by-laws.
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