May 6, 2016 

Dave Everett called the meeting to order. 

The Minutes from the April meeting were approved. 

Treasurer Report:  

The balance in the checking account is increasing due to rentals. The utilities  are averaging $100 or less a month. The oil was down to 700 gallons in March from 800 gallons  when the tank was filled in mid- January. The Treasurer’s report was approved. 

Building and Beautification:  

Kathleen Campbell planted flowers contributed by Vanessa Campbell  and Christopher Jayne. Jean Larson provided the mulch. Dave Everett reminds the Board that we  need to paint the flagpole. Volunteers conducted trash pick-up over the last week. Keith Wells has  paid Steve Roberson for the grass maintenance on behalf of the community center. 

Community Earth Day Event report:  

4-H and Mountain Lady Farm Project were pleased with their  participation and the funds they raised through the event. Terri Wells suggests that we try the event  again in 2017. For next year, we may want to discuss the schedule for next year with an eye toward  reducing the length of the event. 

Discussion:  July 4th event:  

Keith Wells says the event has been on the fourth in the past rather than  the Saturday prior.  Fireworks require a permit and it can be costly. The Fire Department  considered offering the fireworks but felt it was too costly for them in time and money. 


The decision was made to hold the vent Monday, July 4th, at 4 p.m. The community center  will give away hot dogs and hamburgers and supply the drinks as well as condiments. The rest of the  community will bring a covered dish. There will be games such as volleyball, horseshoes, corn hole,  and children’s activities organized by a team including Christine Jones, Tracie Shook, Peggy Baldwin  and Ruth Gavin. Keith Wells will help with setting up some of the outside activities like volleyball and  horseshoes. We will pursue live music on a flatbed or inside on the stage depending on weather.  John Loyd agrees to coordinate the event. 

Discussion:  Dave Everett asks that we look into outdoor, digital projection for future events. 

Discussion: By-laws overview: 

Christopher Jayne will send the Board the Purpose statement for the  Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. Terri Wells has revised the By-laws based on discussions. The  indemnity portion is part of the North Carolina law and does not need to be included in the By-laws  as a clause. When there is a voting membership, there are legalities about notification on each vote.  The community center By-laws will state that members vote on the Board and the Board handles the  ongoing business, day-to-day business of the center. 


Christopher Jayne will complete the Purpose statement. Terri Wells will finish the Articles of  Incorporation. 

Discussion: Peggy Baldwin reported that we can mail a community center newsletter to every  home in Little and Big Sandy Mush through EDDM mailing. 

There are 550 homes and the mailing  cost is $94 with the printing cost quotes with local printers ranging from $190 to $320 for 600 copies  of a two sided, black and white newsletter on 100# stick to meet the guidelines of the EDDM mailing.  


It was felt that this is an opportunity to reach homes where they may not be aware of the  community center and the activities. The Board decided to send the mailing closer to the Fall events. Discussion: Lu Ellen Epstein has been researching the possibility of WiFi at the community  center through AT&T DSL service. She has discovered that the fire station has WiFi and it would  be available to the center if AT&T increases their capacity. Once the center is in a position to  consider adding WiFi, we will identify someone at AT&T to meet with and explore the options and  final costs for making WiFi accessible to the community through the center.  


The community center will set up an account with Champion Supply for a 20% discount. Action: The community center will begin opening for meeting nights including the use of the gym for games.

 John Loyd will discuss this plan with the library committee and have a volunteer  here each month for the open meeting night. 

The meeting adjourned. 

Minutes approved: June 3, 2016

Click to download the PDF Minutes May 2016


At the meeting held on May 6, 2016, various topics were discussed and decisions were made. Dave Everett called the meeting to order, and the minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The treasurer reported an increasing balance in the checking account, attributed to rentals, and the report was approved. Building and beautification activities were discussed, including planting flowers, providing mulch, and conducting trash pick-up. The Community Earth Day event was deemed successful, and there were suggestions to shorten the event next year. The July 4th event was planned to take place on July 4th at 4 p.m., with various activities and food provided. Dave Everett proposed exploring outdoor, digital projection for future events. By-laws were reviewed and revised based on discussions. Peggy Baldwin presented the possibility of mailing a community center newsletter to every home in the area. Lu Ellen Epstein researched the potential for WiFi at the community center through AT&T DSL service. The community center will establish an account with Champion Supply for a discount. Additionally, the center will start opening for meeting nights and utilize the gym for games. The minutes were approved on June 3, 2016.

Action Items:

  • Complete the Purpose statement for the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Finish the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Send a community center newsletter closer to the Fall events.
  • Explore the possibility of WiFi at the community center through AT&T.
  • Set up an account with Champion Supply for a discount.
  • Discuss the plan for opening the community center for meeting nights with the library committee and have a volunteer present.
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