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Sandy Mush Quilt Gallery: Julia Borg Quilt

sampler quilt

Quilter:       Julia Borg

Quilt name: “sampler”

Quilt created: 1986-87

On Loan by: Julia Borg

Living in a quilting community and not knowing how to quilt, I jumped at the chance to attend a twenty week quilting class offered by AB Tech here in our own community center in 1986-87.   The class was taught by Barbara Swinea, an award winning quilter and founder of Asheville quilt guild.  Many of our friends and neighbors enjoyed learning how to quilt or to improve their skills and learn new techniques.  This was my first quilt, and I entered it in the Bele Chere quilt show (precursor to AVL quilt guild show).  I won first prize in the “1st quilt” category.

    The Celebration of Sandy Mush quilt, which hangs in the downstairs lunchroom, was a direct result of all the women in the class wanting to quilt something together again, while doing something meaningful for the community.   ~ Julia Borg

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