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Sandy Mush Quilt Gallery: Peggy Baldwin Quilt

Williamsburg Waltz Quilt

Quilter: Designed and Pieced by Peggy Baldwin

Quilting by Longarm Quilting by Brenda 

Quilt Name:   Williamsburg Waltz

Quilt Date: 2013-2014

On Loan by: Peggy Baldwin

I learned to quilt from two of my sisters.  We have been gathering for a week each year for nearly 20 years to quilt together.  The fabrics in this quilt are reproductions of original fabrics from Williamsburg, Virginia.  The pieced blocks are an Ohio Star pattern.  My sisters and I designed the overall pattern using that traditional block.  I always wanted to make a two color quilt.  These quilts are historically usually blue and white or red and white, but I decided I wanted to try making a two color quilt with a rich brown.  

~ Peggy Baldwin

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