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Spring Fling April 23rd

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Spring Fling Event - April 23rd 11am to 3pm. Everyone is welcome.

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Plant Exchange 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

The incredibly popular Plant Exchange is back. 

Over the years the Plant Exchange has bought community members together. As neighbors discuss and share their stories and suggestions for plant success. These small moments of neighborly exchange have the power to bridge gaps and focus on the important things in life 🌱 PLANTS🌱

Bring plants to donate by 11am on April 23rd (if possible).

SMCC Plant Sale Stand 2021

Give A Plant

Take A Plant

Share Plant Stories

Close up photo of rows of Pepper starts with white stick with plant description and Full Sun Farm logo. Toward the front of the photo 4-5 large square leafs frame the image. 
Trimming the right  side of the frame, is the row of red dixie cups with a small tomato start.

Starts donated by Sun Full Farm from last year. Did you grow one of these plants, come share your story.

Long shot of the Sandy Mush Community Center Spring Fling 2021. On the right five temporary tents - four with a white cloth canopy, and one blue canopy. The food, vendors group under the tents. On the left the plant exchange is position in a corner of the Sandy Much Community Center (SMCC) building. Two floors of and the basement door can be seen. With eight sets of windows with bright white frames. The background is a large open field with large trees covering the background with a clear blue sky.

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